Trauma Revalidation 2016


Trauma Revalidation Sessions

Presented by the OTS at the BOA Congress in Belfast, Wednesday September 14th 2016

Humeral Nailing

Phil Charlwood | Tips from the Top

Scary Elbows

David Stanley | Tips from the Top>

Slow Healing Femurs

Bob Handley | Tips from the Top

Tibial Plateau

Peter Bates | Tips from the Top

Blocking Techniques

Mike Kelly | Tips from the Top

Humeral Nailing

Phil Charlwood | Tips from the Top

NICE Fracture Guidelines

Bob Handley | ‘Stealing Ivory from the Towers’

BOASTing — My take on it

Paul Dixon | ‘Stealing Ivory from the Towers’

Infections & Fractures

Bob Handley | Infections & Fractures

Suspected Early Infection

Xavier Griffin | Infections & Fractures

The Dodgy Wound

Badri Naryan | Infections & Fractures

Late Infections in Fractures

Durai Nayagam | Infections & Fractures

Necrotising Fasciitis

Birinder Kapoor | Infections & Fractures