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Trauma Research in Orthopaedic Surgery

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The Research Committee administrate TRIOS on behalf of the OTS membership. TRIOS is a research and service development platform designed specifically for the needs of practicing orthopaedic surgeons and surgical trainees. It is intended to:

  • Provide a research and service development platform
  • Support the generation of research hypotheses from OTS members
  • Facilitate multicentre observational studies and similar that straddle the gap between small local projects and large grant funded research
  • Offer research guidance, support and mentorship to OTS members.

The OTS is well represented, and has a long association in running, national and international level research. Many of the big questions answered through trials of the last ten years have come from within or have been influenced by members of the OTS.

With the funding streams of the NIHR platforms established and increasingly replete with orthopaedic trauma studies, there is a need to fund and support smaller, time-limited projects. High quality, and often trainee led, collaborative works increasingly are informing further large-scale work. Hypothesis generation and injury population description has value within our community. Many large-scale trials have failed due to a lack of accurate understanding of the injury population, the clinical management and clinician equipoise of injury at scale and the ability to recruit to target.

TRIOS affords OTS members access to a team experienced in research delivery with a track record in securing funding for multiple pump-priming projects. The research committee has access to its own funds to support projects proposed by members and will assist in seeking additional funding where required.

Our team will be delighted to take enquiries and help structure applications from our members. Email us with a 1,000-word structured abstract.

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Showcasing the latest research projects from the OTS community


Orthopaedic Trauma Hospital Outcomes — Patient Operative Delays

KNEE Study

A Prospective Multicentre Service Evaluation of Fractures Around the Knee in Older Patients


Hip & Femoral Fracture Anticoagulation Surgical Timing Evaluation


Work with new investigators

Getting started in research can seem a daunting prospect. Our team will support new investigators through project construction and onwards development. Having a good idea is often the hardest part! We can help with the rest.

Work with patients

Increasingly our studies are designed closely with patients. Through our recent experience with the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships we are well placed to ensure that future projects deliver on clinical issues that matter to patients.

Work with funders

We have dedicated funds through the OTS. In addition, we are represented on other funding bodies and our team are experienced in the often confusing landscape of research funding. This assistance, especially to more junior applicants can be of great help when looking for funding to carry out a project.

Work with trainees

The Orthopaedic Research Community is strongly represented and supported by the trainee body. There is a long track record of trainee initiated and delivered studies and we wish to support these to the best of our ability. Senior trainees are represented and work with TRIOS specifically to foster and strengthen these links.

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